A Rich Heritage…A Proud Tradition



  • Celebrate our pride as Americans of Vietnamese descent;
  • Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month;
  • Honor Vietnamese Americans, individuals, and organizations for their contributions to the Vietnamese American community and America; and
  • Promote education, leadership, and volunteerism.

The Vietnamese American National Gala (VANG) is a national annual celebration of Vienamese heritage and pride, which is held in conjunction with the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a month-long celebration in May of each year, which honors the achievement of Asian Pacific Americans and recognizes their contributions to America.

VANG is the premier Vietnamese American gathering in the nation. VANG is the Vietnamese American community's version of Oscar, but it has a broader scope in recognizing professional achievements and community contributions. The black-tie dinner gala brings together nearly a thousand Vietnamese American luminaries, elected officials, corporate sponsors, and community and business leaders, to honor some of America's best and brightest.

Meaning of the Poem

'Việt Nam đất nước tuyệt vời,
Nhân tài Đất Việt rạng ngời năm châu'

translates to
'Viet Nam, my sweet motherland, the talents you possess extend across five continents [a poetic replacement for 'the world'.]'

About "VANG"

The word "VÀNG", in Vietnamese, embodies several different meanings. The word "vàng" means gold, a precious and valuable element. The word "vẻ vang" means pride or to be proud of. The word "tiếng vang" denotes an accomplished individual who is recognized by many for his or her achievements. And "da vàng" is representative of the Vietnamese race, of the Vietnamese people's yellow skin color.

Collectively, "VÀNG" connotes a sense of pride in the accomplishments of the Vietnamese people and a desire to inspire present and future generations to continue to contribute to the great fabric of America, a place that has become a permanent home for many Vietnamese people.

About Vietnamese American National Gala (VANG)

The Vietnamese American National Gala was conceived by a group of individuals who recognized the lack of Vietnamese American representation at national events in Washington, D.C.. Comprised of individuals who have actively participated in numerous events at the nation's capitol, VANG hopes to bring greater visibility to Vietnamese Americans.

VANG is a national effort to bring Vietnamese Americans together to join with other Asian American communities to celebrate the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, in May of each year, and to celebrate three decades of progress and achievements made by Vietnamese Americans. In addition, VANG will gather over four hundred (400) distinguished guests (approximately 200 prominent Vietnamese Americans from all around the country, a hundred corporate sponsors and a hundred elected officials and federal staff) to honor the accomplishments of distinguished individuals and organizations throughout the United States.

VANG Golden Torch Award/ Meaning of the Torch

For many refugees and immigrants, the torch signifies a sense of hope for a better life. The torch Lady Liberty holds in her hand lights the path for new people coming into America to begin a new life.

The torch, moreover, is a universal symbol of education, guidance, knowledge, and illumination. The flaming torch reflects the light of knowledge and it is in the light of the torch that progress is made.

In presenting the Golden Torch Award, VANG honors the awardees for their great work - for serving as pioneers in their respective fields, for guiding and inspiring others through their achievements, and for continually contributing to the advancement and betterment of America.

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